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Research Communications on Uttarakhand Disaster

Demystifying a Himalayan Tragedy: Study of 2013 Uttarakhand Disaster Click here
Environmental Impact Assessment: Uttarakhand Disaster (June-July 2013) Click here
The Impact of Torrential Rainfall in Kedarnath, Uttarakhand, India during June, 2013 Click here
Lessons Learnt from the Deluge of Kedarnath, Uttarakhand, India Click here
Kedarnath Disaster: Facts and Plausible Causes Click here
Recent and Past floods in the Alaknanda Valley: Causes and Consequences Click here
Impact of Climate Change on Life and Livelihood of Indigenous People of Higher Himalaya in Uttarakhand, India Click here
Kedarnath Flash Floods: A Hydrological and Hydraulic Simulation Study Click here
The Kedarnath Disaster: In Search of Scientific Reasoning Click here
Lessons from Kedarnath Tragedy of Uttarakhand Himalaya, India Click here
Sustainable Development of Disaster-Affected Rural Landscape of Kedar Valley (Uttarakhand) through Simple Technological Interventions Click here
Surface Processes During Flash Floods in the Glaciated Terrain of Kedarnath, Garhwal Himalaya and their Role in the Modification of Landforms Click here
Response to Uttarakhand Disaster, 2013 Click here
Recent Natural Disaster in the Uttarakhand Himalaya and Future Geotechnical Remedial Measures Click here
Causes and Disaster Risk Reduction Measures for Hydrometerological Disaster in Uttarakhand, India: An Overview Click here
Claudbrust and Landslides in Uttarakhand : A Nature's Fury? Click here
Disaster Management: A Case Study of Uttarakhand Click here
‘The Himalayan Tsunami’- Cloudburst, Flash Flood & Death Toll: A Geographical Postmortem Click here
River Dynamism and Quasi - Natural Disaster of Kedernath Area, Uttarakhand Click here
Strategies, Planning and Learning: Uttarakhand Flash Flood Click here
Strategies for Development of Kedarnath Pilgrim Region Click here
Pilgrims, Progress, and the Political Economy of Disaster Preparedness – The Example of the 2013 Uttarakhand Food and Kedarnath Disaster Click here
Assessment of High Flood Discharge in a Post Flood Scenario – A Case Study from Uttarakhand Click here
Catastrophic Heavy Rainfall Episode over Uttarakhand During 16–18 June 2013 – Observational Aspects Click here
Other Research Papers Published on Disaster Click here
Important Web Links
1. Disaster Mitigation and Management Centre, Govt. of Uttarakhand
2. Uttarakhand Disaster Management Authority
3. Uttarakhand Disaster Recovery Initiative
4. Reports Published on Disaster
5. Weather Forecasting
6. Special Forecast for Char Dham Yatra
7. Chardham Yatra Information
8a. Important Videos on Uttarakhand Disaster
8b. Other Videos on Uttarakhand Disaster
9. Search and Rescue Trainings in State Uttarakhand

1. Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India
2. National Disaster Management Authority, Govt. of India
3. National Institute of Disaster Management
4. State Disaster Management Authorities of India
5. Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery