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State at a Glance : Sikkim (Volume 1(4), 2015)

In the series of information booklets, the ENVIS Centre on Himalayan Ecology at GBPIHED has come up with this issue on "Sikkim", which attempts to depict temporal trends across important segments, e.g., demography, literacy, land, water, agriculture, horticulture, forest cover, protected areas, weather profiles, etc., which would help in crucial decision-making and policy planning. ENVIS Centre on Himalayan Ecology will bring out such publications on other states of Indian Himalayan region in coming years.

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Fact Sheet
1. Social Profile
2. Education
3. Health & Family Welfare
4. Climate
5. Land
6. Water
7. Agriculture
8. Horticulture
9. Livestock
10. Forests and Protected Area
11. Minerals and Petroleum
12. Industry
13. Road and Transport
14. Miscellaneous
15. Web Directory