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ENVIS Bulletin
Himalayan Ecology

Volume 25

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VOLUME 25 YEAR 2017 ISSN: 0971-7447 (P) ISSN: 2455-6815 (O)

Himalayan Ecology & Environment

Biodiversity Conservation & Management
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Himalayan Ecology & Environment
Need for strengthening societal interface of environmental science research in the Indian Himalayan region
G.C.S. Negi

Role of indigenous communities in redd+ programme: experiences from JFM
S.K. Gupta

Quantification of variability in discharge and suspended sediment Concentration of meltwater of Gangotri Glacier, Garhwal Himalaya
H. Bisht, S. Sah, K. Kumar, P.C. Arya and M. Tewari

Assessment of hydrochemical properties and annual variation in meltwater of Gangotri glacier system
S. Sah, H. Bisht, K. Kumar, M. Tewari and H. Joshi

Assessment of climate change impact on recession of Adi kailash Glacier Kumaun Himalaya : A lichenometric observation
K. Bisht, Y. Joshi, S. Upadhyay and K. Chandra

Long-term effects of inorganic fertilizers and FYM on soil chemical properties and yield of wheat under rice-wheat cropping system
M.K. Bhatt, R. Labanya, H.C. Joshi, N. Pareek, R.Chandra and K.P. Raverkar

Changes in the chemical properties of soil during conversion from conventional system to organic system
H.C. Joshi, P. Singh, S.K. Guru and B.S. Mahapatra

Livestock economy and herbivore effects on plant community in the Khangchendzonga Biosphere Reserve of Sikkim Himalaya, India
H.B. Singh and R.C. Sundriyal

Fodder plants of Machlad Gad Watershed, district Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand
S. Singh, R.S. Negi and R. Dhanai

A review of therapeutic effects of curcumin's based on its anti-inflammatory properties and anticancer activities in Uttarakhand
S. P. Kaur Malhotra and T. K.Mandal

Market status and economics of lichen (Jhula) trade in Uttarakhand
A. Kaur, S. Maikhuri, K. Dobhal, S. Napalchyal, P. Joshi, B.P. Purohit and R. Dobhal

Variation in seed maturation in Myrica esculenta of West Himalaya,Uttarakhand
A. Barola, A. Bahukhandi and A. Tiwari

An assessment of forest cover changes in the Indian Himalayan region
V. P. Sati

Biodiversity Conservation & Management
Diversity and dominance of understory herbs in three montane forests of Western Ramganga Valley, Garhwal Himalaya
D. S. Rawat, M. Praveen, M. Nautiyal, P. Tiwari and J.K. Tiwari

Tree regeneration status and population structure along the disturbance gradient (a case study from Western Himalaya)
Z. A. Malik, M. Youssouf, S. Singh and A. B. Bhatt

Population structure and implications for future composition of Western Himalayan Oak forests
M. Negi and R. S. Rawal

Phytosociological analysis of woody species under burnt and unburnt communities at Pauri Garhwal, Western Himalaya, India
S. Shafi, J.P. Mehta, S. Kumari and P. Dhiman

Plant biodiversity across different canopy covers of Quercus leucotrichophora A. camus forest in central Himalaya
P. Prasad and J. Ram

Four new additions of orchid species for the flora of Tripura, North East India
B. Baishnab, B. Banik, K. Majumdar and B. K. Datta

Himalayan silver birch (Betula utilis d. Don): a multipurpose and critically endangered tree species for bioprospection
K. Dasila, S.S. Samant and A. Pandey

Characterization of bacterial diversity of hot springs of Chamoli region of Garhwal Himalaya
P. Ranawat and S. Rawat

Arborispora variabile - A new species from Oak leaf litter from Nainital Himalaya
P. Maiti, M. Nand, D. Kamil and R.C. Gupta

Comparative study of bacterial population of an Oligotrophic Environment of Garhwal Himalaya
R. Rautela, S. Rawat, R. Rawat, P. Verma, A.B. Bhatt

Distribution and resources of medicinal plants (Aconitum violaceum, Angelica glauca, Alysicarpus vaginalis and Peristrophe bicalyculata) in Garhwal Himalaya
P. Arya and J.P. Mehta

A review of population ecology of hangul deer (Cervus elaphus hanglu,Wagner/ Cervus canadensis hanglu) in Dachigam National Park, Kashmir, India
J.A. Malik and S.K. Bansal

Taxonomy and ecological notes on Amanita section Phalloideae (Agaricales: Amanitaceae) in Western Himalaya, India
T. Mehmood, R.P. Bhatt, A.K. Chowdhary and U. Singh

Ecological niche modelling: an important tool for predicting suitable habitat and conservation of the Himalayan medicinal herbs
L. Singh, Mohd. Tariq, K.C. Sekar, I.D. Bhatt and S.K. Nandi


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