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ENVIS Bulletin
Himalayan Ecology

Volume 24

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VOLUME 24 YEAR 2016 ISSN: 0971-7447 (P) ISSN: 2455-6815 (O)

Environment and Ecology

Ecology and Socio Economy
About the Bulletin
Environment and Ecology
Science & Society: Issues of Environmental Science Research in the Indian Himalayan Region
G.C.S. Negi and P.P. Dhyani

Valuation of goods and services from forest ecosystem of Uttara Kannada, Central Western Ghats
T.V. Ramachandra

Promoting citizen science - an emerging concept with multidisciplinary focus on environmental issues in the Indian Himalayan Region
V.C. Goyal

Bridging the gap between conservation and development - A Case Study of Askot Landscape, Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand, India
A. Laha and R. Badola

Landslide Hazard Zonation Mapping: A Case Study of Uttarkashi District, Uttarakhand, India
A.K. Ray and R.J. Pandey

Land management and livelihood sustainability through horticultural development in the Alaknanda basin, Garhwal Himalaya
V.P. Sati and D.S. Negi

Assessment of noise-induced hearing loss of the mine workers of Chromite mines at Sukinda, Odisha, India
S. Kerketta, R. Gartia and S. Bagh

Socio-ecological studies on marine fishing villages in the selective south coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh
M.J.K. Jacob and P. Brahmaji Rao

Study of shifting cultivation practice, control strategies and eco-rehabilitation of tribal communities
N.V. Kumari

Yogic Environmentalism
M.J.K. Jacob and P.B. Rao

Ecology and Socio Economy
Limestone mining and its environmental implications in Meghalaya, India
R.E. Lamare and O.P. Singh

Demographic Profile and Nutrition Status of Women in Uttarakhand
B.R. Pant

Bibliometric indicators of biodiversity monitoring using RS/GIS in Western Himalaya
S. Bisht and S. Chaudhry

Impact of climate change on phenological responses of major forest trees of Kumaun Himalaya
P. Singh and G.C.S. Negi

Shifting cultivation in Nagaland: Prospects and challenges
M. Senotsu and A. Kinny

A Case Study on Van Panchayat of Kashiyalekh in Kumaun Himalaya
A. Barola, K. Goyden and A. Tewari

Ecology and Management of an Invasive Species, Eupatorium adenophorum in Kumaun Himalaya
M. Negi

Environmental Pollution, their Impact on Climate Change and Implications on Himalayan Mountain Society
J.C. Kuniyal


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