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ENVIS Bulletin
Himalayan Ecology

Volume 23

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VOLUME 23 YEAR 2015 ISSN: 0971-7447 (P) ISSN: 2455-6815 (O)

Himalayan Microbial Resources

About the Bulletin
From Guest Editor
Microbial resources: assessment and bioprospecting
Microbial dynamics and diversity in foot hills of Eastern Himalayan range: A focus on Shifting cultivation
Donald.A. Bareh, Aishiki Banerjee, S.R. Joshi

Comparative assessment of bacterial communities from Himalayan mountains of Nepal and India
Siddarthan Venkatachalam1 and Solai Ramatchandirane Prabagaran1

Microbial diversity in Kashmir Himalaya: Present status and future prospects
Zafar A Reshi, Manzoor A Shah and Nazima Rasool

Amylase production by Geobacillus sp. GJA1 isolated from a hot spring in Uttarakhand
J Jugran, N Rawat, G.K. Joshi

Assessment of thermophilic bacterial diversity of thermal springs of Himachal Pradesh
Poonam Shirkot, Ambika Verma

Multidisciplinary approach on assessment of Cyanobacterial diversity from Indo-Burma Biodiversity hotspots: Endeavour of a Decade (2005-2015)
O.N. Tiwari, Thingujam Indrama, Gunapati Oinam, Wangkhem Indira, Angom Thadoi, Laxmipriya Koijam, Oinam Avijeet, Keithellakpam Ojit, Longjam Miranda

Rhizosphere studies and microbial technologies
Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) and their application for sustainable Agriculture in North Eastern Region of India
Lakshmibala Kshetri,Thounaojam Nevita, Piyush Pandey

Microorganisms associated with Tea rhizosphere in the Indian Himalayan Region
Praveen Rahi, Pratibha Vyas

Current Scenario of research on Plant Growth Promoting Microbes in Himachal Pradesh
Usha Devi, Adesh K Saini

Cold tolerant phosphate solubilizing fungi from Himalayan soil in climate change perspective
Rinu Kooliyottil

Plant-microbe based bioassay to evaluate the effect of co-inoculation: A short-term study conducted under CV Raman International Fellowship Programme
Ali Boularbah, Rahul Jain, Kusum Dhakar, Priyanka Sati, Anita Pandey

Potential of Pseudomonas sp. A8 for growth promotion of Brassica nigra crop
Akanksha Sharma, Jyoti Rawat, Jyoti Saxena

Constructed wetlands: A clean technology for treatment of wastewater using microbes and macrophytes
Pradeep Kumar Sharma, Anju Rani, Deepa Minakshi, L.M.S Palni

Traditional fermented foods
Microbial diversity in ethno-fermented foods of Indian Himalayan Region
A. Sharma, P.K. Sarkar

Microbial diversity in fermented food products of Northeast Himalayan Region
Rwivoo Baruah, Shweta Singh, Arun Goyal

Potential of microbial bio-resources of Sikkim Himalayan region
Amit Kumar Rai, Rakshak Kumar

Plant based antimicrobials
Antimicrobial potential of some high altitude medicinal plants: Opportunities and applications
Yogesh Kumar Negi, Chitra Pandey, Deepti Prabha

Exploring the antimicrobial potential of fungal endophytes of Dioscorea composita: A North West Himalayan medicinal plant
Suruchi Gupta, Sanjana Kaul, Manoj K. Dhar

Phytochemical-screening, antibacterial and antioxidant potential of some Pteridophytes and Angiosperms from Shimla region, Himachal Pradesh
Rita Kapoor, Shamsher S. Kanwar

Antimicrobial activity of dried stolon extracts of Picrorhiza kurroa Royle ex. Benth. - An endemic and endangered Himalayan herb
Vijay Laxmi, Preeti Chaturvedi

Comparative evaluation of the antibacterial efficacy and phytochemical analysis of rhizome extracts of Acorus calamus L. against human pathogenic bacteria
Jyoti Bisht, Meenakshi Jaiswal, Kumud Saklani, Preeti Juyal, Aditi Grover Bhambri, Manjusha Tyagi


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