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Participation in Cheetah Campaign Participation in Reintroduction of Cheetah Campaign


Reintroduction of Cheetah

As you are aware that Hon’ble Prime Minister has bought back long-extinct Cheetahs into our ecosystem, and every Indian is proud.
The first phase of the ‘Action Plan for Introduction of Cheetah in India’ witnessed 8 Cheetahs being released in the Kuno National Park, Madhya Pradesh. This is the world's first inter-continental large wild carnivore translocation project. In an endeavour to promote this initiative & underline its importance, Hon’ble PM Modi in his Mann Ki Baat on September 25,2022 asked the citizens to participate in MyGov Cheetah Contests.


1.Suggest names for Cheetahs Reintroduction Project



2.Suggest a name for the Cheetahs



3.Tell us the importance of treating animals well