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State-wise Number of Functional Kendriya Vidyalayas (KVs) and KVs with their Own Buildings in IHR States (As on May, 2007)




No. of Functional KVs in the State No. of KVs Functioning in their own Building
Arunachal Pradesh 12 9
Assam Hills NA NA
Himachal Pradesh 20 11
Jammu & Kashmir 36 15
Manipur 7 4
Meghalaya 7 7
Mizoram 2 0
Nagaland 5 2
Sikkim 2 2
Tripura 6 2
Uttaranchal 42 25
West Bengal Hills NA NA
   Source: Lok Sabha Unstarred Question No. 5411, Dated 15-05-2007