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ENVIS Bulletin Himayalan Ecology

ENVIS Coordinator
Dr. G.C.S. Negi

Dr. R.S. Rawal

Executive Editor
Dr. G.C.S. Negi

Editorial Board
Prof. R.S. Tripathi, FNA
Dr. Eklabya Sharma, FNA
Dr. G.S. Rawat, FNAS
Prof. A.R. Nautiyal

Advisory Board

ISSN: 0971-7447 (P)

ISSN: 2455-6815 (O)

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Coverage and Indexing

About Bulletin

ENVIS Bulletin Himalayan Ecology is an annual open access publication (print and electronic) of the ENVIS Centre on Himalayan Ecology with financial support from the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (MoEF & CC, Government of India). The content of the Bulletin may be quoted or reproduced for non-commercial use provided the source is duly acknowledged. The contributions to the Bulletin are welcome. The papers in this publication are the views of the concerned authors. Therefore, they do not necessarily reflect the views of the editors, ENVIS Centre and the Institute. Request for institutional subscription of the Bulletin may be sent to the Scientist-in-Charge of the ENVIS Centre. The comments/suggestions for further improvement of the Bulletin are also welcome.

Open Access
The Bulletin is published under Open Access Policy to all the readers worldwide, and can be accessed from

Submission of Manuscripts
Manuscripts should be submitted electronically (e-mail attachment) to the Editorial Board

Call for Articles
Articles (Research and Review) are invited for the publication in the upcoming Volume of ENVIS Bulletin Himalayan Ecology.

Instructions to Authors
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ENVIS Bulletin included in the UGC List of Approved Journals

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