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                                                                              Assam Hills                                                          

Physiography:  Assam state of the country is comprised of 23 districts. Only two districts, namely North Cachar Hills and Karbi Anglong, form the hill region of Assam under Eastern Himalaya. The hill region lies between 25 E longitudes. It is situated at the southern part of Assam and is bounded by Nagaland and Manipur states on the east and Meghalaya on the west. The northern part of the region touches Marigaon, Nagaon, and Golaghat districts of Assam, while southern part is bound by Cachar district of the state. Most of the area is covered by hills. The Thumjang (1,866 m) is the highest peak in Borail range. Other peaks are - Hempeupet (1,748 m) and Singhason (1,360 m). The plain areas consist of valleys of the Jamuna, Kapili and Dhansiri rivers lying in its eastern part.

                      Assam Hills at a glance                                                                                                                      

Date of Formation 26/01/1950
Geographical area (km2 15,322
Number of districts 2
Population (2011)  11,70,415[Males: 6,00969; Females: 5,69,446]
Major language Assamese
Major rivers  Jamuna, Kapili and Dhansiri,  Dehangi,   Diyung,   Jatinga,  Jenam,  Mahur,  Langting
Forest cover (2013)  79.82%
Wildlife sanctuary Garampani
Rural population (2001) 9,94,960 [Males: 5,09,741; Females: 4,85,219]
Number of villages (2001) 3,172
Agricultural land (2001) 10.5% of total geographical area
Population density (2011)  NA 
Litrates (2011)   6,98,087[Males: 3,92,812; Females: 3,05,275]
Literacy rate (2011)  NA
Sex ratio (2013)  NA
Schedule Castes and Schedule Tribes  3.29% and 58.26% of total population respectively
Major tribal communities of Assam Chakma, Dimasa, Garo, Hajong, Hmar, Khasi, Kuki and its sub-tribes, Lakher,  Mikir, man, Pawl, Synteng
Major source of occupation Agriculture 
Major industries  Handloom, handicrafts, tea 
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